Deutsche Anwaltskanzlei Siebelds
Deutsche Anwaltskanzlei SiebeldsDeutsche Anwaltskanzlei SiebeldsDeutsche Anwaltskanzlei Siebelds
German Law Firm Siebelds in Italy
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Welcome to the homepage of the German law firm Siebelds in Italy

Our law firm in Italy

We´ve been working since 1997 as lawyers with our offices in Berlin in Germany and Verona and Ancona in Italy in the field of the international and especially the german-italian Civil and Commercial Law with special attention to italian real estate law , law of successions,claim of compensations deriving out of car accidents in Italy, debt collection in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and legal advice and support for expats in Italy. For us it´s most important to resolve your legal problems in the best and fastest possible way. You can contact us easily in Italy under the no. 0039/0721/959352. So don´t hesitate to call us if you have got any questions! We have corporate and private clients in Germany, Italy and other parts of the world. For italian corporations we´re especially active in the field of debt collection in Germany and Switzerland.

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Care free package for real estate sale and purchase !

We offer a unique "care free package" for our clients. From checking the land register over conluding the preliminary contract up to signing the notarial deed as Your special representatives, we offer a complete service for a fixed price ! You don´t even have to travel to Italy to buy the house of Your dreams ! For details please contact us in Italy:0039/0721/959352